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Childcare vouchers

By registering for your employer's childcare voucher scheme, up to £55 a week can be deducted from your salary and used to provide childcare vouchers for the same amount. This amount, which is deducted from your gross salary, is then exempt from National Insurance and Income Tax. You will either receive paper vouchers which you hand into the nursery or the vouchers are paid electronically directly to Abacus.


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Free settling in session

Before your child starts at nursery, you will be invited to bring them for a free introductory session. The session allows your child to get to know the staff and other children prior to starting...


Sibling discount

All children from the same family will benefit from a reduction on their fees.


Discount for full-time place

Children who attend full-time will benefit from a reduction on their fees.


Recommend a friend and earn up to one week's free childcare

If a child joins Abacus upon your recommendation you will receive the equivalent of the new child's attendance pattern free e.g. full-time attendance would give the existing parent 5 free days of childcare.


Child tax credit & working tax credit

Tax Credits offer extra financial support to help with your everyday costs - they are flexible and change whenever your life changes. There are two types of tax credits - Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit, both of which you may be eligible for. Child Tax Credit is a payment created to support families, or individuals with at least one child or young person who they are responsible for. Working Tax Credit is additional financial support for workers on a low income and can be claimed even if you do not have any children.


Child tax credit

Nine out of ten families with children qualify. Families with children can claim Child Tax Credit if their income is no more than £58,175 a year (up to £66,350 if you have a child under one).


Working tax credit

If you're in work but on low pay, you can apply for Working Tax Credit to top up your earnings. It includes a childcare element to help families who are working and spending money on childcare. You can claim this whether you're employed or self-employed.

The childcare element of Working Tax Credit is aimed specifically at helping working parents with the cost of registered and approved childcare. This can pay up to 80% of childcare costs up to a limit of £175 per week if you are paying for one child and up to £300 per week for two or more children (meaning the most you can receive for the childcare element is £122.50 for one child or £210 for two or more children).


For more information on eligibility and how to claim tax credits, you can visit

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