School Collections


School Collection & Outings

The nursery has close links to a number of local schools. Abacus collects from the following schools


  • Bryn-y-Mor
  • Llwynderw
  • Brynmill
  • Sketty


If we do not currently collect from your child's school please ask us if it's possible.


The children's safety is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, the maximum number of children to every adult is 4 when the children are taken out of the nursery. The children must hold hands and are not allowed to run into schools unaccompanied.


The staff and children use the nursery people carrier for long journeys. The people carrier is fitted with britax car seats for each child.


Abacus day nursery provides children with opportunities for regular outings. The children have benefitted from going to places such as the library, community farm, the park and different shows/fund raising events. As with school collection a ratio of a maximum 4 children to every adult is adhered to.


The children's safety is paramount and each child wears a fluorescent abacus day nursery tabard so that they are easily visible. The babies are taken out in double buggies with a staff member to every two babies.

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School collections and outings


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