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Pre-school and School Age

The pre-school area have their own dedicated floor. The pre-school area follows the Foundation Phase through theme work. The area is split into a number of different interactive learning areas such as home corner, book corner, maths area, messy play are and music area. The staff plan activities with specific aims for the children whilst allowing the children choice and encouraging independence and decision making skills. As with the rest of the nursery the emphasis is on leaning and exploring through play. Some of the pre-schoolers favourite activities are cooking, dressing up, gardening and outside play. Pre-school's daily activities are displayed in the hall.


One of Abacus Pre-school's aims is to prepare children for school. We have a huge range of equipment such as pre-reading and pre-writing resources to support this. Additionally, there is great emphasis on social skills such as sharing, turn taking and confidence building.


Abacus offers free school drop off and collection for local schools.


Abacus also offers holiday care & pre and after school care for children up to 8 years old.

Abacus Day Nursery in Swansea
Pre-School at Abacus Day Nursery


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