Outside Area


The nursery has two outside areas

At the front, we have a grassed area and at the back, an enclosed area with a rubber safety flooring. At Abacus we believe that the outside play areas are as important as the inside. There is great emphasis on the outside area with the Foundation Phase. With this in mind, in addition to the large outside toys that you would expect to see, such as bikes and slides we have:


  • Planters for growing vegetables and flowers
  • Large shaped chalk boards so that the children can practice their writing skills
  • Music area with wind chimes and flower pots to bash
  • A water feature for the children to explore
  • A sensory area with fragrant herbs for the children to touch and smell
  • A weaving area to practice fine motor skills
  • Large tubs filled with items such as ice or bark or exploring


Wherever possible staff take activities outside for the children including items such as the parachute, small world toys and bean bags. During the fine weather we also have picnics in the garden.


All of the children use the gardens

Abacus Day Nursery in Swansea
Outside Areas at Abacus Day Nursery


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