Healthy Eating at Abacus


At Abacus we believe in healthy eating

We do not serve junk food such as sausage and chips and always encourage the children to eat healthily. We have a qualified cook on the premises who prepares all the food. Meals are prepared using fresh fruit and vegetables daily.


The children have breakfast at 8.30a.m which consist of cereal, porridge or toast.


Lunch is served at around 11.30am and typical meals would be ham, fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes and parsley sauce or pasta with tuna and sweet corn in a tomato sauce. This is followed by desert such as home made rice pudding or eve's pudding with custard.


Tea is served at 3.30pm and would typically consist of chicken or cheese sandwiches, carrot batons, cucumber slices, fresh fruit and a flapjack.


The cook purees fresh vegetables and fruit for our younger babies such as sweet potato and pears.


At each mealtime the children have a drink of water or milk. Additional drinks are available for the children at all times.


Abacus are experienced in catering for special diets so please let us know if your child has any dietary needs.


Meal times are social occasions, where the children eat together and staff encourage good manners such as sharing

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Healthy Eating


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