Choosing Childcare


Choosing childcare for your child may be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. You may be struggling to deal with your feelings. The research into whether the children of working mums do better or worse that those whose mothers stay at home is inconclusive. There are however, benefits to good day nursery childcare for your child. He or she will:


  • Learn to be more confident and make friends more easily
  • Find the transition to school much easier
  • Be more independent
  • Learn better social and communication skills as she/he socialises with many children
  • Be kept stimulated by activities


In addition to the above, work is beneficial to mothers' own well-being and self esteem, as well as the effect on the family's finances.


How to choose a nursery

There are many nurseries out there and it can be a difficult choice. Here's our checklist:


  • Has the setting won any awards?
  • Ask other mums if they can recommend somewhere. 99% of our new children come from recommendations
  • Try and visit a number of nurseries
  • Try and see beyond the sales pitch. Can you see evidence to support what is being said for example if you are told that children are taken on outings or cook on a regular basis are there photos available to support these claims?
  • Ask to see the planning so you can see what activities are planned
  • Do the children seem happy?
  • Are the staff friendly and welcoming?
  • Ask to see the nursery's CSSIW inspection report. All settings over a year old will have one
  • Look at the children's work on the displays? Whose work is it the staff's or the children's?
  • Look at the variety of equipment
  • What feedback is given to parents? If it's a book, is the staff spending a lot of time completing the book rather than looking after the children
  • How are the staff dressed? Do they look like they immaculate if so they are unlikely to be playing on the floor with the children.
  • What age are the staff? Are they mostly young with little experience?
  • It is vital that you see the staff interact with the children. Are the staff in amongst the children engaging with them?
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