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A separate floor is dedicated to the exclusive care of the babies. We aim to provide a homely environment where there is a ready supply of cuddles. The emphasis is on lots of tlc so that children feel loved, happy and confident.


The baby floor is split into three safe and stimulating areas. The little baby room offers a safe place to explore for the smallest babies who are not yet mobile. Here they can begin to explore and discover both their environment and their own physical skills and abilities.


Babies learn about the world through their senses and Abacus provides numerous opportunities such as textured mats and treasure baskets containing a variety of household and natural items for them to investigate.


The main baby room has soft play equipment where the babies can practice their newly learnt standing, crawling and walking skills or just relax in their ball pool. The babies follow a daily routine and their favourite activities include music and singing, painting, messy play and exploring the soft play room.


All of the children at Abacus take part in the theme work. We believe that even our youngest babies should have the opportunity to take part in activities. The babies daily explore and investigate different materials and textures with their fingers and feet such has paint, play dough and water in their art and craft room.


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